Update seasonal amounts and technician amounts


All modified in the Additional Fields Screen, accessible from the Customer Screen.

The Additional Fields Screen is reach by pressing the ‘MORE’ button, near center right-side on the screen.

Stored costs for seasonal and tech amts will be stored better, and will again show up on the activity screen.

(Batch) Bill for Selected Service – Invoice straight to *.pdf files


In the batch “Bill for Selected Services” option, there is a checkbox for creating invoices directly into *.pdf files.

In other words, instead of printing a paper invoice, a file (*.pdf) will be created instead.

So if the user is going to create 500 invoices, there is an option to not print any paper bills, but instead create file copies instead, ready for attachment to emails.

The created pdf files will be the account number, with a ‘.pdf’ extensions.

i.e. ‘1000.pdf, 2251.pdf’, etc.

Next release, we will put the invoice creation date into the name as well.

Added Door Hangers (labels) , Updated Selected Services Invoice


Large scale labels (Avery, 4 labels to the page) can be batch printed in place of service tickets. These are then manually appended to door hangers, and left after service.

The labels are printed with the service name, address, frequency of service, past due amount, service amount, and total due, and various other information.

Labels can be printed with or without the company logo (same one used on the service tickets). Label logos are skipped if the door hanger itself has a logo on it.

The Selected Services Invoice printed directly from the Customer Screen has been updated to correctly display all of the services made within the selected dates.

Beginning Cycle Billing at selected Start Point


If your printer jams while printing out your bills, you can now put in a start code for which Service Name or Billing City you will like to begin printing out at, once you have cleared the jam.

There is an option under Options/Update Options/Invoices tab to select printing your bills in either Billings Address or Service Name order. Added to the bottom of the Cycle Billing screen is an option to put in a Start Code and print bills from that point on.

It works in the same way as doing a search by service name or billing city while looking up customers. Just put in a couple of letters (e.g. ‘Ga’) and cycle billing will pick up with the first name or city that starts with those letters.

You would likely need to wait a day and set the ‘Skip if billing within the last days:’ option to ‘0’, to clear the billings txns created on the previous run.
Cycle Billing screen, with Selected Start option at the bottom
Just call us up and ask if you have any questions.

Also, added some function key shortcuts in the Txn screen for your convenience:

F6 to Add Debit Adjustment Txn.
F7 to add Credit Adjustment Txn.
f12 to Delete selected Txn.

Additional changes to tags, to the Auto-Scheduler.


Updated our enhanced tags to work better with the Auto-scheduler. Some tags were not getting written in certain circumstances.

Important Update to Updating Appt and Customer Notes


Updating Appt and Customer Remarks and Notes.
Update for updating Customer remarks and notes while updating the Appt remarks and notes, from the appt screen.

Previous, incorrect updates to the customer screen may have occurred, this update fixes that.

Please note that if one goes to the scheduler screen via the customer screen, and updates the customer remarks and notes from the appt screen, the customer record is still open and does not change in appearance. If you leave and then return to the customer screen, you will see that the customer record has in fact changed.

Update for Tag Lines when running the Auto Scheduler.
Appts created by the Auto Scheduler will now check for Long Tags, and update the appt tag line appropriately.

Update to 4/28/16 Release


Corrected potential problem with adding Appts. In some situations an error might appear when adding appts.