Allow User defined ‘Primary’ and ‘Secondary’ labels, and to set label colors.


Primary and Secondary recommendations for reports where are labeled as such.

Now, under the ‘Set Labels’ tag in the Options/Update Options page, you can put in the label of your choice.

And you can set the color, as well.

Change to this:
From this:

Allow the Larger Text option (which put larger text on Reports for the site address information) to allow use larger text for Field Work Sheets and Crew Sheets.

Update to Last Release


Update to Export routine for 3rd party emailers.

If you have an interest in this function, please contact us.

Create Export Invoice List file for 3rd Party Emailers


Added capability for aging report to create an export file of properties which owe money. This is for use by 3rd party software to create email invoices.

Fixed Problem with printing blank front pages


Blank front pages (Options/Blank Forms Menu/Print Blank Front Page) would not work.

This has been resolved.

Updated Pretreat OMB Expiration Dates


Updated the expiration dates (to 5/30/2018) for HUD forms NPMA-99-A and HUD-NPMA-99-B.

Export Address Lists from Export Property Listing Screen


Added export of Address Lists (realtors, escrows, builders, etc) to the Export Listings category under reports. You can also screen out anyone without a valid email address if you wish.

Last Update of 2015 – Added Crew Sheet Correction

Corrected a problem with alpha-numeric item listings on the Crew Sheet.
Many of the Termite accounting reports have been cleaned up, and redone.
Numerous small changes to the Work Authorization report, for reports with many items.
An option to print the items done on a second page has been added as well.
Prices up to 5 digits ($99,000) will now be displayed correctly.
The Drawing program has also been updated. The number of vertexes (corners) in a polygon has been raised from 13 to 29. This will make it possible to more quickly draw a complicated floorplan, with a single tool. Errant bolding has been abolished.
Updates to handling numeric numbering (‘1’, ‘2’…etc) verses the alphanumeric numbering (‘1A’, ‘1B’…etc) for Termite have also been made, notably making inclusion of notes easier to accomplish.
Some minor updates to the Crew Sheets.